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What Razor to Use for Sensitive Skin?

Don't worry. We've got you covered!

What Razor to Use for Sensitive Skin?
What Razor to Use for Sensitive Skin?

Best Safety Razor for Sensitive Skin

What razor to use for sensitive skin for women? We've got the solution, and it's called Schick Intuition Sensitive Skin Women's Razor Refills with Vitamin E & Aloe, Pack of 6.

You will not need soap, shaving gel, or body wash because the razor lathers and moisturizes during the shaving. Pretty cool, right?

This razor is enriched with Vitamin E and natural Aloe for moisturizing sensitive skin when you'll shave, which makes this razor unique for sensitive skin.

Gentle and Hypo-Allergenic Razor for Women

This razor has also hypo-allergenic affinities, which means that relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

The razor has four precise blades, but at the same time, it is very gentle, which makes it unique.

After the shave, your skin will feel incredibly soft.

You may also be interested in this women's electric razor for sensitive skin.

Also, it has a pivoting head that will follow the contours of the woman's body which makes it helpful to minimize cuts.