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Milan Face Mask - Milan Logo on Black Color

Milan Face Mask
Milan Face Mask

Milan Face Mask: Awesome and high protecting face mask against all sorts of agents, like dust, bacteria, and viruses, and the best part is that you can proudly wear it with your Milan's club logo on it.

Facemask Material

This Milan facemask is created from polyester material which makes it very comfortable to wear even in the hot days of summer.

It has double layers, but one single-sided printing.

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Mask Filters

It contains filters to filter the air and prevent and protect you from passive smoking, fog, vehicle exhaust, etc...

Filters of this face mask have these characteristics:

  • 1 layer of activated carbon,
  • 2 layers of non-woven fabric,
  • 2 layers of melt-blown fabric.

Mask Earrings

According to the contour of the face, you can adjust the length of the earrings.

Facemask Size

This Milan Face Mask has only one size.